SportzSoft League Management Brochure

SportzSoft League Management Tools enable league administrators to manage their leagues from start to finish. From reviewing teams and team rosters, to scheduling, to assigning referees, to presenting standings and statistics, to communicating with teams and contacts, the SportzSoft League module is an extremely comprehensive and powerful solution.

Some of the key features of the SportzSoft League module include:
  • players can register directly with the league or through individual club accounts that roll up information to the league account
  • teams are formed quickly and easily
  • facilities are quickly setup and facility contract information recorded as time blocks and time slots
  • scheduling rules are set by division and can include home rinks, playing times and blocked dates
  • games and practices can be scheduled separately and at different home facilities
  • game sheets can be sent to a central location and automatically associated with a game while game scores are recorded
  • major penalties can be tracked and the corresponding disciplinary actions followed up on
  • scores can be updated ‘live‘ or through a league administrator
  • communications for game or practice changes can be directed to age groups, divisions or teams
  • website widgets can present schedules, facility locations, team listings, player stats and other information dynamically from the database so that the information from the database is always current on the website
  • referees can be assigned to games from the system
There are many features not listed here that you may want to know about. Give us a call or send us an email to find out more.